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Labyrinth Lord: The Duergar

We didn't have the Internet in June 1985 when Unearthed Arcana (the first edition one) hit the shelves, so we thought that this was the biggest D&D controversy ever. Never had we experienced what DMs of later editions would term "player option fatigue." Before this, you had the one player book, and everyone agreed that was the standard. Oh, someone may drag a class or race out of Dragon magazine and beg the DM to play it (I'm looking at you Anti-Paladin), but usually, everyone colored mostly inside the lines.

Art by Jeshields, used with permission

Unearthed Arcana changed all that. Now the DM was fighting a losing battle against published canon. It caught fire at our table (for better or worse) and there were Barbarians, Thief-Acrobats, Grey Elves, Grugach, and everything in between.

For my Labyrinth Lord home game, I wanted to bring back some of this, but keep it a bit more controlled. As I mentioned in Greyhawk for Labyrinth Lord: Races, I wanted to bring up the sub-races because that's where that good Greyhawk flavor lives.

So, here's the duergar, a rangy dwarf people from deep within the earth, far below their hill and mountain brothers and sisters.

Let me know what you think.

This article is one of a series re-tooling Labyrinth Lord character races for the Greyhawk setting (duergar, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, half-elf, half-orc, human).

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