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Labyrinth Lord: The Dwarf

Not much changes with Hill and Mountain dwarves for Greyhawk, other than the insistence by each that they are the original dwarves and the other is an offshoot. Technically, the duergar is also a sub-race of dwarf, but neither of the others admit it.

My first exposure to dwarves, like many, was Disney's seven, but also like most gamers, the image of a dwarf in my head was solidified with the Hobbit, where each of the thirteen had distinct personalities, even if many of their names were similar and generally lighthearted. I prefer my Greyhawk dwarves like that: Not a cookie-cutter dour Scottish dwarf, but a creature that's serious when work or fighting is required, but generally jolly and raucous when the ale comes out.

This article is one of a series re-tooling Labyrinth Lord character races for the Greyhawk setting (duergar, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, half-elf, half-orc, human).

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