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The Barber: A Class for ShadowDark

In the crowded marketplaces, their own modest shops, or even traveling with a military campaign, barbers in the medieval context did more than style your hair.

The Barber

They were considered the primary healthcare providers for their communities: Cleaning and treating wounds, performing tooth extractions, lancing boils, letting blood to balance the humors, and even performing amputations. But, they could also style your hair and beard so that you always looked your best!

In some societies, the archetype of the barber included storytelling, gossiping, and the occasional petty larceny.

The barber class leans into the Charismatic side of the archetype, with the opportunity to gain contacts in local or regional areas, as well as understanding any common language. If you're playing your ShadowDark games in the city, barbers could easily serve as the "face" of the party. In the dungeon, they can provide first aid and may have the right information at the right time to solve a puzzle or avoid a nasty trap.

Check out the Barber class for the ShadowDark roleplaying game. NOTE: Art (c) JEShields and used with permission.

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