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DCC RPG: Patrons! Trisdeus and Entorpus

Back in 2015, David Fisher (of Shinobi27 Games) wrote a patron for our "Patron Monday" feature and let me write one of his concepts. The Patron Monday feature that we almost never finished on Monday... but that's the life of a high-profile RPG writer. You have to have about 6 jobs in order to be a high profile RPG writer...

Trisdeus and Entorpus are studies in conflict. The first represents extreme law while the other is primordial chaos.

Trisdeus is a god and patron of extreme law, truth and justice. Though his spells are typically

Art by David Fisher.

more useful outside of combat than during, the adherent to the Tri-God strikes fear into Chaos and disorder by her very appearance.

Download PDF • 1.00MB

David let me write this one -- The idea of the relationship of entropy to heat loss/transfer was interesting to me. So, credit a lot of this to wikipedia and other reading.

Download PDF • 476KB

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