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An Ambush of Fhyrians (DCC)

Upon the shattered world of Tsaru -- within the strangling branches of Akavala, the Ravenous Tree, roam the Fhyrians. Called tiger-women by outsiders, fhyrians slink through the Red Jungle upon their battlecats, grouping themselves into ambushes, always ready to strike out at Akavala's many servitors.

Fhyrians were introduced in the God-Seed Awakens, a DCC RPG Adventure for 3rd level characters and were further fleshed out as part of Cannibal Tiger-Women of Tsaru -- a hex-crawl science fantasy adventure in D.A.M.N. Magazine Spring/Summer 2018.

As a character class, fhyrians value teamwork and thrive on the telepathic bond they share with their battlecats.

Download PDF • 3.25MB

(art by Stefan Poag)

(art by David Fisher)

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