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The Gumbo: Shadowdark (classless) and Wolves Upon the Coast

That title is too long, but I'm keeping it.

Art by Custin:

This thing keeps growing. Had some great sessions at Hoffcon. Introduced a new player (she was 10!) to the world of Luke Gearing's Wolves Upon the Coast through the lens of Kelsey Dionne's Shadowdark.

I'm calling it Shadows Along the Coast.

Everyone that plays this game, so far, has loved it. Gearing has a spare and lurid, but compelling style of writing and development. And Kelsey Dionne's game is indisputably the most easy-flowing d20-esque system I've ever run. The aforementioned 10 year old figured it out in minutes.

I'll keep posting updates here as it develops. Really fun to see these two great works boil in the same pot.

Download PDF • 464KB

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