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DCC RPG: The Tower Ring

Within the musty sack are a handful of bronze coins each green with age and stamped with the head of a bestial humanoid creature, a clay oil lamp surprisingly undamaged and a tarnished pewter ring seemingly stamped with a symbol of a falling tower.

A tower ring is a magical ring created in ancient times for the minions of the sorcerer Ardavos. The sorcerer was not a powerful man, but served a powerful spiritual entity called Xayzen, bringer of dreams. Calling upon Xayzen, Ardavos created several of these artifacts before himself descending into catatonia, his dreams plagued by horrors forevermore.

Roll separately on each table.

Notes on Properties and Effect

  • Bonuses to Luck, Intelligence and Personality checks do not include Spell Checks, various cleric checks, fumbles/critical hits, or thief skills.

  • Bonuses to Fumble rolls are true bonuses (thus a +1 Tower Ring would lower the Fumble roll by 1).

  • Nightmares require the sleeper to sleep an additional 2 hours each night to become rested. Otherwise, the bearer suffers a -2 to all Action dice, initiative, Intelligence, and Personality checks, and cannot naturally heal.

  • A sleepless character suffers penalties as above on the first day, -1d on the second, and can only move a ½ speed (no other significant actions) on the third.

  • A waking nightmare incurs a -2 to all Action dice, initiative, Intelligence, and Personality checks for 1d3 turns. While experiencing waking nightmares, the victim can only move a ½ normal speed.

  • Project Nightmare allows the bearer to target one sentient creature with waking nightmares (as above). The victim receives a Will save (DC 10 + the bonus of the ring). This requires a full round.

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