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DCC RPG: the Nazhghad, Whispering Swarm

Today's super fun guy is the Nazhghad. Clearly this one was inspired by Aliens/Prometheus -- and related to AKAS, an earlier entry into the Patron Monday annuls.

You may also notice that the Nazhghad is somewhat related to Myrrdin -- being that its current home lies next to the River Rgene in the Piretis Jungles. It may sound like I had a rip-roaring jungle campaign where all the supernatural beings had inter-related goals and conflicts -- and I do... but it's in a different place. When I was writing these patrons, I needed something to get me "connected." It's remarkably hard to conceive and codify a patron for DCC RPG. If you don't believe me, try it. What worked for me was the introduction -- spicing it up with faraway and interesting places, grounding the patron in a history or story -- CONTEXT -- definitely helped in the process.

Without further ado... here's the godawful Nazhghad, the buzzing demon in your head that drives you to build ever higher, conquer ever wider, and drag living sacrifices, screaming, back to the Thousand Foot Spire.

Download PDF • 364KB

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