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DCC RPG: The Curse of Cragbridge Retrospective

Back in 2014, I wrote the beginning adventure that was intended to lead to a megadungeon. The idea is still out there, and I have a lot of the megadungeon created, but life tends to throw things at you until you acknowledge that you can't do all the gaming things. And you really only get to do a few of the gaming things.

But, I got to do this gaming thing. It's a four-level dungeon set in a fortification that once guarded a bridge. You know. Over a crag.

Anyway, I did two versions of it -- one for DCC RPG and one for Swords & Wizardry. The original one was in the Labyrinth Lord game system (a system I still love to play and run).

Here's the slug:

Cursed Cragbridge!

Prison of Sprits Betrayed!

An Adventure for Characters level 0-2.

For five hundred years, Cragbridge has stood abandoned and cursed. Within lurk the haunts and spirits of those that served Lord and Lady Etheril. Some of these ghosts inhabit the forms of strange insect creatures, while others guard tombs deep beneath the shattered bridge tower.
Recently, the good knight Sir Dougal Skavok disappeared in the ruins, and when the search party returned, they too were missing a few members. But, they carried strange treasures found there: coins marked with a double-headed raven, gemstones of great value, and other ornate and gilded items. They also spoke of the curses and haunts that lurk under the ruins of Cragbridge!

Featuring all original monsters, two unique magic items and a hell of a lot of fun.

The Labyrinth Lord version was pay-what-you-want and had stock art throughout and a map by me.

I re-developed it for Swords & Wizardry and DCC RPG with a new cover by Gennifer Bone and interior art by Jason Sholtis, Wayne Snyder, Jacob Blackmon, Malcolm McClinton, and Gary Dupis.

It's a great little adventure to throw your 0-level DCC characters at, because it kind of grows with them. They'll likely level up after clearing out the tower, ready to plumb the lower levels.

I also created two spells that didn't make it into the book: Confusion and Control Force.

You can find those right here:

Download PDF • 57KB

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