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DCC RPG: D.A.M.N. Web Enhancement (Autumn 2017)

Cover art by Thomas Novosel

Back in the Autumn of 2017, we published our second issue of DAMN (DCC Adventure Magazine and News). The issue featured a great adventure -- a 10th-level funnel! -- by Marc Bruner and an expansion of the DCC RPG ruleset into a medieval Japanese setting with the adventure Duel at Midora Temple (by Paul Wolfe). The Web enhancement includes

  • 0-level character generator for characters in the world of Ketsuin

  • Patron spells for the demon Nalfeshnee (by Dave Persinger!)

  • A masked character sheet and cut-out build-your-own magic rod (for Marc Bruner's adventure)

  • Giant Beavers of the Toronto Ruins! by Bob Brinkman.

  • The maps for the Flammable Hospital for easy printing.

Check it out.

Download PDF • 25.43MB

Download PDF • 3.10MB

Download PDF • 3.84MB

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