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Assault on Skull Mountain Serial Fiction Update

When I first picked up Moldvay Basic (the precursor to OSE) way back when, I read a bunch of the rules which were gobbledygook to a 12 year old. What I landed on with the most interest was the Sample Dungeon Expedition (B59). If you're not familiar, it's a fictional write-up of a part of a session at the table. So, it's scripted -- the DM, Morgan, Dougal and Fredrick. It's got game mechanics talk, roleplaying, talking through actions (even with a caller!), and just regular table talk. I loved them. I looked for them in every RPG book I picked up. Yeah, they're intended to help those 12 year olds understand what they've just read (all before we could pop open Youtube and watch an actual play video), but they were also engaging from a fiction/entertainment aspect.

At least for me. I call it an analog twitch stream. I was always disappointed when they ended on a cliff hanger and there was never a follow-up episode. I understand why. The game designers want you to write the next chapter with your games.

Well, I did it different. I started writing an actual play serial story in that Sample Dungeon Expedition format over on Amazon Vella. The game is really running in the background (OSE / BX) of this serial, and I include lots of game mechanics and house rules explanations in the context of the folks sitting at the table and playing the game. I'm going to keep it going as long as its fun for me.

The first seven episodes are up on Amazon Vella. The first three episodes are free to read. If you subscribe to this site, I'll send you the epub or mobi files for your e-reader.

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