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Assault on Skull Mountain: Actual Play Serial Fiction

Well, I'm doing a weird thing that I hope is as fun for everyone as it has been for me. I'm writing a serial fiction piece based on the "Example of Play" entries found in various D&D books, starting back in Moldvay basic.

If you're not familiar, these short entries were supposed to show you how the game was actually played and was written in scripted format.

I'm building my serial fiction off of an adventure I wrote for tournament play back in 2020: Skull Mountain. I've expanded that adventure into a full hexcrawl and am running the game in the background, so it's 100% legit! Right?

Anyway, it's a fun distraction, and I hope you like it. I'm hosting it on Amazon Vella, so you can read the first few episodes for free. Episode 1 is up now -- just a summary note on what I'm trying to accomplish and some of the background. The first four episode will be published on March 13th, 2022. After that, I'm planning to add up to three episodes per week, depending on interest. Feel free to shoot me some feedback to paul at mysticbull dot com.

Also: Watch this space. I'll be posting actual gaming content from that campaign. As things develop, I might commission some art and make a formal product. But for now, enjoying writing some experimental fiction to see where it goes.

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